NFTs on RARIBLE – BotanīKart

BotanīKart is a collection of cards, created from digital artworks and presented on RARIBLE.

This project aims to raise awareness of biodiversity and promote the possible and perfect symbiosis between traditional forms of Art and the Digital era.

The first generation consists of 320 BotanīKarts distributed over 5 categories : 

1. The common plants 🌿 

2. The Queens of the Flowers 🌸

3. The Poisonous plants 🥀

4. The Endangered species 🪵

5. Commemorative bouquets 💐

Category 1. is divided into 6 groups of plants, each section includes a set of 40 BotanīKarts.

The creation of each BotanīKart requires several days to complete and is (for cat. 1., 3. and 4.) constituent of either a digital artwork of 30 or 10 species that will be presented as an NFT.

Weekly launching of BotanīKart on Friday

Bi-Monthly presentation of a “Queen of the Flowers” BotanīKart.

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